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Claudia Chmet


I’ve been cooking with passion and for pleasure every day since I was able to reach the hob and I’ve always enjoyed baking and roasting even while I was working in a different industry before moving to London with my husband and my little child and deciding to change my life by doing something more creative.

“Deli Dream” is my dream: the dream to open a delicious Deli in London where I can sell my preparations and my favourite Italian products…. But to realize it I need to save some money and to wait until my little daughter grows up a little bit …

My cakes are not sickly: less icing, more flavour! And the jam I use is made with apricots perfectly ripened in the Dolomiti mountains’ sun.. with no pollution at all… only Heidy’s songs and the smell of pine for those apricots!

My gnocchi are perfect to be warmed up in a pan at home… simply delicious and full of Italian flavours: gorgonzola, speck, spinach, parmigiano reggiano… If you want to taste them, and if you live in London of course, just contact me!

But I’m really crazy about finger food, tapas, canapés.. and I love to display them in colourful little plates or bowls in the middle of the main plate of my guests.. and of course a complementary hobby of mine is shopping for kitchenware, tableware.. to surprise my guests with new combinations of colours and shapes.

And last but not least I love to eat and my “love handles” are prove it!

Now let me introduce the grandpa of this blog: my recipe notebook…IMG_8641

It is almost 18 years old, I think… I started writing it at the University and it’s full of scribbles but it’s very precious to me. In fact I always rely on it when I have something to cook: I don’t look in the internet or in any of my cookery books but in my old, tried and tested, trusty, messy and shambolic notebook.I think it’s also heavier than it was at the beginning.. not only because it is full of extra loose pages but also because inside there are unidentified crumbs, stains, grains of different flours…

It’s a very simple lined exercise book I wrote it with this logic: from the beginning to the middle “sweet” recipes and from the end to the middle “savoury” recipes. As you can imagine sweet and savoury recipes have caught up with each other… so it’s time to think of a more up-to-date way… hence this blog.

So… enjoy!


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